• L.I.N.K. was created out of a need to ensure that Latinos across Kansas are informed about the numerous issues which will come up in the 2011 legislature. Many of these issues such as health care, education, immigration, racial profiling among others will have a huge impact on our communities and its up to us to make sure we are informed. What will L.I.N.K. provide me? L.I.N.K. will provide regular emails as well as information through our blogs regarding: * Issues impacting Latinos at the Kansas Legislature. * Regular updates on proposed bills that affect our community and where they stand. * Links to important news stories you should know about * Suggestions on how you can organize Latinos in your area * Tips on how to write, call and email your legislator * Guides to become an effective activist * National news affecting Latinos and much more!

Instate Tuition survives for now; Lets say thank you!

A message from our friends at Kansas Stronger Together: The House Education Committee voted today to table(put on hold) HB2139, the instate tuition repeal bill.  The successful tabling motion came after a long debate that included an amendment from Rep. Hedke to ‘grandfather in’ students enrolled before June 2017 (that amendment passed on a 10-9 … Continue reading

Instate Tuition coming up for vote this THURSDAY at 1PM!

HB 2139, the bill that will repeal instate tuition for DREAMers in Kansas, will be worked in the House Education Committee has been moved to Thursday afternoon at 1pm. Before Thursday afternoon, please contact the legislators below and ask them to oppose the bill or to support a motion to table the bill. Please forward this … Continue reading

Time to call!

A message from our friends at Kansas Stronger Together: As the House Education Committee considers whether to vote for HB2139, the instate tuition repeal bill, these 4 committee members may likely be the deciding voices: Chair Ron Highland (Wamego), Rob Bruchman (Leawood), Dennis Hedke (Wichita), and John Barker (Abilene).  Hedke and Barker are sponsors of … Continue reading

Stand Up for Instate Tuition

A message from our friends at Kansas Stronger Together: Your voice is urgently needed.  The KS House Education Committee will have a hearing NEXT TUES at 1pm on HB 2139, a bill that would excluded DREAMers in Kansas from instate tuition at our universities.  This bill will force these talented Kansas high school graduates to … Continue reading

Statewide Immigrant Rights Conference Call

The Latino Information Network of Kansas will be joining Kansas Stronger Together as we discuss the current state of immigration legislation in the Capitol. From Kansas Stronger Together: Please save the date for a statewide conference call on March 27th at 6:00pm Central Standard Time.  Earlier today the House Federal and State Affairs Committee Chairman … Continue reading

Hispanic Day on the Hill

Hispanic Day on the Hill Thursday, March 1, 2012 Preliminary Schedule of Activities Hispanic Day on the Hill will be this Thursday March 1st 2012. If you’d like to register you can do so here: Click Here to Register Governor Sam Brownback will address the Hispanic Day on the Hill conference in the morning. The Governor … Continue reading

El pueblo unido, jamas sera vencido!

Yesterday’s Update Yesterday, supporters of harsh state immigration laws spoke in the Capitol.  These supporters included Kris Kobach and a few other supporters but that was all. They did their best to explain why these immigration bills are best for Kansas and how they don’t encourage racial profiling. There were lots of questions from legislators … Continue reading

Immigration hearings, Kobach and a citizen’s rally!

I wasn’t able to make it to the Capitol today but Lynda Callon from MIRA Kansas City shares a quick recap on Tuesday’s hearings. Thanks Lynda! ——————————————————————————————— Quick Recap I decided to ride with Angela Ferguson to Topeka as she was testifying on HB2712. The Committee Chair reversed order in order to have Kris Kobach … Continue reading

Monday Immigration hearings

I gathered on Monday together with about 50 other individuals who showed up to support HB2712,  the Kansas Business Workers and Community Partnership Act. This bill would seek to establish a program for undocumented immigrants to receive work authorization through the Department of Homeland Security. Individuals would have to pass a background check, have resided … Continue reading

Immigration bills arrive in Topeka

Immigration hearings will be the week of Feb. 13th though Feb. 16th. Here’s a breakdown of what we know so far: Monday Feb. 13th – HB 2712 – Kansas business workers and community partnership act; undocumented aliens. Proponents(supporters) of legislation that would give undocumented permission to work in Kansas have the opportunity to speak, turn … Continue reading